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As driving instructors of driving schools in London, we are repeatedly asked that simple question, “How many driving lessons will we need to pass our driving test?” But we see that the answer is not quite as simple as the question! So, the answer is here:



Number of Driving Lessons given By Driving Schools In London Usually

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We can assuredly provide you with averages, but every learner is an individual – with their own learning style and their own tempo. On top of that, the learner drivers that have the ‘number’ of lessons as their target as different to the standard of driving, could often take even longer to pass their driving test – this can be by dint of an inclination towards ‘attending’ driving lessons (to reach the closer number of your target) as opposed to ‘interacting’ and ‘learning’ (to get nearer the target of meeting the required driving standard).

  • QMH Driving School in London Stats:

The QMH Driving School in London regularly publishes statistics on the number of hours learners have taken with their individual driving schools, as well as the number of hours of private practice taken with a parent or friend. In 2018 the QMH published that the average number of ‘driving instructor hours’ was 45 alongside 22 hours of private practice with friends and/or relatives.

Depending on your wishes this might come as a shock (or in some scenario a comfort) but there are certain ways to ensure that these hours are kept to a minimum.

    • Instructors Of Driving Schools In London:

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Therefore it can often be a good idea to take a few driving lessons with a ‘GENUINE’ driving instructor prior to drawing on the experience of another. This could save you several pounds on getting out of the worst habits and further money by saving the clutch on the family car.

Whatever method you use to learn to drive (with or without private practice) make sure that you find one of the best driving instructors or driving schools – which can knock hours off your driving lessons.

  • Private Practice OR Driving Schools In London?

  • Private practice is basically a valuable addition to your driving lessons – if used to practice what you have learned from a professional, as opposed to learning from a non-professional. 

You could, in another way, be lucky enough to have a very ‘open-eyed’ supervisor for your private practice – but be alarmed that most supervisors would class themselves as ‘adequate’ instructors… my observation has not matched their confidence!


Motive Of QMH Driving Schools In London:

 A driving school that actually cares about its learners and treats everyone as individuals with individual needs. Not only that but also provides lower-priced individual driving lessons than the bigger driving schools without compromising quality!

That’s why more people are passing their driving test the first time with us than ever before, it’s a formula that definitely works. We offer the following services:

Our services include:

  • Fully qualified DSA/pass plus approved driving instructors
  • Pick up from work, college or home and be brought back!
  • Every aspect of learning to drive covered
  • Theory to the driving test, we will help you through the first time!
  • Intensive driving lesson courses also available.
  • Refresher driving lessons include motorway driving and parking help
  • Special benefits to buying new and used cars
  • Defensive driving course QMH Driving School offers the complete learning to drive package from theory to the practical driving test! Whether you’re wanting to learn to drive quickly with intensive lessons, or maybe you’re a nervous driver, a complete beginner or in need of some refresher driving lessons, QMH Driving School offers it all. Our driving instructors make learning to drive seem easy and fun putting you in an environment where you could easily learn to drive quickly and safely. Once you’ve had a few driving lessons, your driving instructor can then put you to the test with a mock driving test which can identify potential driving errors and can also help with those pre-driving test nerves!


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  • If you are in the position to give up driving then before your final decision we must say that to give yourself a chance to learn driving. If you fail to pass your driving test then it doesn’t mean that you are a loser and can never drive a car.

    You just need to motivate yourself. We committed ourselves to break your
    demotivation and make you able to pass your driving test so that you would drive your car smoothly and dedicatedly without any fear on the road.

    We trust that no one is a loser in the world, you just need the right place and instructor to learn anything you want. There will come a time when you instruct others how to be confident while driving a car perfectly on the roads.

    You’ll find a lot of useful information in the QMH Driving school including facts about the theory test, including a mock theory test for you to test out your road knowledge. Also, information on the driving test, how to book it, where the test centres are in southwest London, what to expect and the ‘show me, tell me questions.

    Are you ready to Drive??

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  • YES, why not.Because there is no reason to step back from your goal or dream. Driving schools are the best option, where you find professionalism as well as a comfortable environment for learning what you want.

    Book your Driving Lessons with QMH driving school in London:

    Booking driving lessons with a fully qualified DSA approved driving instructor from our driving school is easy, simply phone+44 20 8087 2648


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